PassiveRail is a new train infrastructure concept that allow for speeds of 650km/h for the cost of 2x less than that of current conventional high-speed trains. This makes it possible for countries with smaller economies to adopt an advanced, environmentally friendly, and fast rail network. A well developed rail network is shown to help connect countries together and boost the economy.



PassiveRail uses a technology called magnetic levitation, Maglev for short. Maglev, as the name suggests, levitates and propell the train with magnetic forces. This remove the need of steel wheels which reduces the friction and vibrations otherwise induced by the wheels. This means that the trains can achieve very high speeds. PassiveRail uses a so called passive levitation system, which require no active components to achieve levitation.



PassiveRail places the levitation, propulsion, and electrification systems on-board the train which makes it possible to remove all active components from the track and make it completely passive. The technology that allows us to do this is still relatively new but we estimate that it will make the infrastructure of PassiveRail 2x cheaper than current conventional high-speed rails deployed around the world.

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